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Heater Services For Tyler & Jacksonville, TX

Why Choose Bannister Plumbing & Air Heating Services In East Texas?

East Texas customers rely on Bannister Plumbing & Air year-round, including chilly winter nights. Specialists in heating installation/replacement, repair and maintenance, we offer reliable service that homeowners across the region can count on. When you need a furnace, heat pump, water heater or thermostat installed or serviced, you can count on Bannister to be there. Bannister Plumbing & Air is certified by Google, a qualification we're proud of. Our commitment to customer service is also reinforced by our employee vetting process, which includes a comprehensive background check. You can therefore rest assured that a qualified professional will install, repair or upgrade the system. Our technicians are reliable and efficient. Whether you need furnace maintenance or a sudden outage occurs, we are ready to step in. We offer emergency services 24 hours a day throughout East Texas. If your heater stops working, starts up more often, or is noisy, call us right away and we'll fix it and fix it.

Heating Installation/Replacement

Bannister Plumbing & Air installs and replaces gas, oil and electric furnaces, as well as air, ductless, geothermal and absorption heat pumps. Our technicians can also install and service standalone heaters. Each unit is installed correctly to ensure it operates reliably and efficiently without any safety issues. If you have an old system, we can come to your home for a free assessment and replace an old heater with a properly sized and configured one. Our new devices meet the latest efficiency standards. We install high-efficiency, multi-stage gas stoves and quiet, efficient heat pumps that offer year-round comfort.

Heating Repair

You never know when your heating system will develop a problem. Even a regularly maintained oven can break. Some problems include a cracked heat exchanger, a dirty filter, a damaged or slipping fan belt, electrical ignition or pilot control problems, or other mechanical problems. Call us if you notice a device spinning frequently, the indicator light flickering or turning amber, or if you hear unusual noises that could indicate a clogged fan or worn ball bearing. Our team can also determine if a problem is due to a faulty or misadjusted thermostat. Any problem can be fixed and fixed quickly by our experienced technicians.

Heating Maintenance/Tune-Up

Today's heaters have many maintenance points. Identifying problems with fan blades, flame sensors, igniters, condensers, gaskets and pressure switches allows us to resolve them quickly and prevent more costly failures. We can even inspect air ducts for clogs, leaks and other issues that can affect comfort and air quality. Schedule regular maintenance to test your stove and check for leaks, fuel pressure issues, or signs of wear. The tuning of the system enables reliable operation with maximum efficiency. Also, by lubricating the engine and other moving parts, we can prevent excessive wear and premature damage from repeated friction.

Our straightforward pricing guide helps you know the cost of any repair before work begins. No hidden fees or surprise costs with Bannister.

Our experienced team of highly qualified plumbers are reliable, fully-licensed, and background checked. We’re a family-owned company, and no one works for us that we wouldn’t invite home ourselves.

We show up on time and ready to go! Having handled plenty of surprises, we ensure our vehicles are stocked with all of the necessary tools and equipment. Bannister Plumbers get it right the first time because we come prepared.

We wear shoe covers on our boots and leave your home as clean as we found it. We’re working for you, so you shouldn’t be cleaning up after us.

When has a plumbing emergency ever fit into your schedule? If something happens, give a call. No need to wait until business hours; we work our business around you! We are very proud to offer true 24-hour service as it gives us the opportunity to better serve our East Texas neighbors and customers.
Heater Maintenance

Bannister Plumbing & Air is the BBB A+ rated company to call for all your plumbing & HVAC needs: 903-201-4820

John Mchugh
John Mchugh
Thoroughly inspected the HVAC system , super professional and friendly. Did great work! As always, this is the best plumbing and hvac company that I have ever dealt with. Always a success and great experience
Michael Simon
Michael Simon
Banister Plumbing & Air was very professional from start to finish. From the office admin. who was very detailed in what to expect from their service to the technician who came out to conduct an initial inspection and maintenance on our two residential units. I was also pleased to receive a text that provided a name and photograph of the AC technician. Would highly recommend this company for a professional quality service.
John Christie
John Christie
Michael Tucker is a tremendous asset to your company! Affable, polite and professional. He quickly diagnosed the problem with the garburetor and had it operational again in short order. Michael was a pleasure to deal with. Please give him a big atta boy from Avery satisfied customer. John Christie
Amy Megasona n
Amy Megasona n
Very fast and professional!
Dan the Bass Man
Dan the Bass Man
Will did a great job!!! Very clean and professional work done in a very timely manner.
Malcolm Dixon
Malcolm Dixon
Lee did a great job. Bannister Plumbing and HVAC is the best.
Taylor Garrett
Taylor Garrett
Ruben was thorough, explained the process very well, and left the work area cleaner than he found it. Would recommend Bannister to anyone.

Benefits Of Having A Heating System

  • Increased Comfort: A proper heating system will make your home warmer and cozier when it's cold outside.
  • Improved Air Quality: A reliable heating system helps remove dust and other contaminants in the air, which improves the indoor air quality of your home.
  • Energy Efficient: An energy efficient heating system reduces your home's energy consumption and lowers your heating bills while keeping your home warm.

Types Of Heating Systems


  • A furnace is a heating system that uses gas, oil or electricity to provide homes with heated air.
  • Furnaces have a blower that gathers air, which is then heated through the use of natural gas, oil or electrical heating elements and distributed throughout the home.
  • Types of Furnaces
    • Gas Furnace
      • A gas furnace heats the air with natural gas.
      • Gas furnaces cost less fuel and last for many years, but they can be more expensive to install and noisier to operate.
    • Oil Furnace
      • Oil furnaces use fuel oil to heat the air through a heat exchanger.
      • Oil Furnaces  have lower installation costs but require a continuous supply of fuel oil, the price of which can fluctuate. They also need to be cleaned more frequently.
    • Electric Furnace
      • An electric furnace uses electric heating elements to generate heated air through a heat exchanger.
      • Electric heaters cost less to install and don't require as much maintenance, but they can be more expensive to run and tend to heat homes less efficiently.
  • Benefits of a Furnace System
    • A furnace system costs less fuel and uses less energy at colder temperatures than other heating systems.

Heat Pump

  • Heat pumps extract heat from the outside air and transport it inside a residential building.
  • Types of Heat Pumps
    • Air source heat pump: This heat pump draws warm outside air into the apartments.
    • Ductless: Ductless mini split heat pumps are suitable for ductless homes or for heating specific areas or areas of a home.
    • Geothermal energy: This heat pump extracts heat from the earth in the houses.
    • Absorption: These heat pumps use natural gas or other non-electric sources.
  • Advantages of a heat pump
    • Heat pumps offer an energy-efficient way to heat homes and reduce energy bills. Some can also act as air conditioners, keeping homes cool in the summer.

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24 HR Emergency Heater Services in Tyler & Jacksonville, TX

We make sure your home stays heated with an exceptional quality of service. Our technicians install, repair and maintain home heaters with warranties that offer complete protection and peace of mind. For the best maintenance, try our heater maintenance schedule. It includes free tunings and diagnostics, plus priority installation, repair discounts, and an extended parts and labor warranty. Call now at (903) 541-2266 or book online to schedule a heater installation, repair or maintenance appointment and receive your free estimate.

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