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Drain Cleaning Service For Tyler & Jacksonville, TX

We can replace your water lines, gas pipe and drain line without tearing everything up!

Our revolutionary technology offers No-Dig Water Pipe Replacement.  NuFlow is effective and cost-efficient procedure that allows us to restore your corroded piping systems without the expense and disruption of pipe replacement. Our No-Dig water lining system can prevent water contamination due to pipe corrosion. Corrosion of your pipes occur in virtually all areas of your piping system beginning from the moment they are put into service.

This revolutionary technology uses a cleaning and epoxy lining process providing a quick and permanent solution for extending the useful life of older piping systems and rendering your pipes clean for water to flow to your faucets.

No-Dig Sewer & Drain with Bannister Plumbing’s trenchless drain lining technology. NuDrain gives the homeowner a cost-effective alternative to traditional dig methods of pipe replacement while still offering the structural strength of a new pipe.

This method allows our technicians to replace underground pipe without disturbing any surface materials such as your Driveway, Porch, Sidewalk, Floors, Electrical & Gas Lines, Water lines, Roadways, Parking lots, or Landscaping.

Sewer Cleaning in East Texas

Our technicians at Bannister are the industry's leading sewer cleaning experts. A good cleaning can unclog a clog and prevent damage to other utility infrastructure that powers your home. If dirt is causing a problem in sewer emptying, we can use snake equipment to solve the problem or advanced techniques like hydrojet. Our technicians are highly skilled in all the methods we use. They are extremely thorough and aim to prevent future plumbing problems such as leaks, flooding and expensive repair bills in addition to fixing existing problems. Our service technicians are fast; They will be sent to your home the same day you call.

Our straightforward pricing guide helps you know the cost of any repair before work begins. No hidden fees or surprise costs with Bannister.

Our experienced team of highly qualified plumbers are reliable, fully-licensed, and background checked. We’re a family-owned company, and no one works for us that we wouldn’t invite home ourselves.

We show up on time and ready to go! Having handled plenty of surprises, we ensure our vehicles are stocked with all of the necessary tools and equipment. Bannister Plumbers get it right the first time because we come prepared.

We wear shoe covers on our boots and leave your home as clean as we found it. We’re working for you, so you shouldn’t be cleaning up after us.

When has a plumbing emergency ever fit into your schedule? If something happens, give a call. No need to wait until business hours; we work our business around you! We are very proud to offer true 24-hour service as it gives us the opportunity to better serve our East Texas neighbors and customers.

Bannister Plumbing & Air is the BBB A+ rated company to call

for all your plumbing and HVAC needs: 903-201-4820

John Mchugh
John Mchugh
Thoroughly inspected the HVAC system , super professional and friendly. Did great work! As always, this is the best plumbing and hvac company that I have ever dealt with. Always a success and great experience
Michael Simon
Michael Simon
Banister Plumbing & Air was very professional from start to finish. From the office admin. who was very detailed in what to expect from their service to the technician who came out to conduct an initial inspection and maintenance on our two residential units. I was also pleased to receive a text that provided a name and photograph of the AC technician. Would highly recommend this company for a professional quality service.
John Christie
John Christie
Michael Tucker is a tremendous asset to your company! Affable, polite and professional. He quickly diagnosed the problem with the garburetor and had it operational again in short order. Michael was a pleasure to deal with. Please give him a big atta boy from Avery satisfied customer. John Christie
Amy Megasona n
Amy Megasona n
Very fast and professional!
Dan the Bass Man
Dan the Bass Man
Will did a great job!!! Very clean and professional work done in a very timely manner.
Malcolm Dixon
Malcolm Dixon
Lee did a great job. Bannister Plumbing and HVAC is the best.
Taylor Garrett
Taylor Garrett
Ruben was thorough, explained the process very well, and left the work area cleaner than he found it. Would recommend Bannister to anyone.


Bannister Plumbing & Air is your local drain expert. Located in the East Texas area of Tyler-Jacksonville, our fully licensed, family owned company offers the fast and reliable drain and sewer services our customers deserve. As a full-service plumbing company, we fix clogged drains, perform video camera inspections and use Hydrojetting technology.

Need drain clog and cleaning services? We use the latest technology available and guarantee the most advanced techniques will be used to clean and inspect the plumbing in your home or business.

With cutting edge techniques such as hydrojetting, bathroom and kitchen drains are blasted clean. Our drain cleaning services are precise and professional.

No leakage or blockage can stay hidden from Bannister. We use modern drain cameras for inspections and leak detection. Once the issue is identified our trained technicians repair the issue immediately.

How to tell if your Drains are Clogged

If your sewer line is clogged, there are a few signs that there may be a problem and you need a professional plumber:

  • Multiple drains are secured: The toilet, bathtub, shower and other bathroom fixtures are secured at the same time, possibly along with your kitchen sink. Even when the toilet is running, water can flow back into the shower.
  • Slow Drainage: When water is draining away more slowly than normal, it can cause a clog that will only get worse if not addressed quickly.
  • Drains stink: If there is a foul sewer smell coming from your drains or water is backing up, there may be a main sewer clog.
  • Sewage stops/flows from sewer cleaning: a main sewer clog will do this; The hose connects to the main line and allows installers direct access to the drain line.
  • Wastewater collects in the floor drain: Since there is no longer a path, the water from the pipe goes into the side drain and collects around the floor drains in your home.

Common Causes of Blockages

  • Grease, oil, grease, and even detergent or soap residue poured down a drain can accumulate and clog the pipe. Pour the hot fat into a container and discard it when it solidifies rather than washing it off with hot water.
  • shampoo runs down the shower drain; Similar to grease and other substances, it can build up in pipes and clog drains. Hair buildup can work in the same way, causing the symptoms of a blocked duct.
  • Flush items that should not be flushed down the toilet, including tissues, sanitizer wipes, paper towels, hair, tampons, plastic, or diapers. Instead, throw them in a trash can so they don't clog the drains.

However, some causes of sewer cleaning are beyond your control. A line may sag due to ground or soil conditions; this often happens over time, so signs of problems may appear gradually. Tree root infiltration is another cause. As tree and shrub roots grow in search of water sources, they spread into loose sections of pipe, eventually causing pipe clogs and failures.


Our preventative maintenance is industry certified, our pricing is honest, and our workmanship is top-notch. For all of your drain and sewer needs, call Bannister Plumbing & Air. Drain cleaning and sewer line repair services are just a phone call away, 24-hours a day.

Rely on Bannister’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We set out to go above and beyond on every call. It’s always service with a smile! If for some reason the work isn’t right the first time, you get your money back.

We are a full-service plumbing company that provides Maintenance, Repairs, Replacements, Remodeling, and New Construction for Residential and Commercial properties in Jacksonville, Tyler, and all of East Texas.

Contact Bannister Plumbing for Drain Line Cleaning

24 HR Plumbing in Tyler & Jacksonville, TX

Whether you're experiencing slow draining, sewage spilling to your floor, or an outward sign of trouble, contact Bannister Plumbing & Air for help as soon as possible. Our residential sewer and pipe cleaning technicians can get to the root of the problem and carry out the necessary cleaning and repair work. We leave your pipes as clean as new. Our sewer and drain cleaning services are the most affordable in East Texas. Contact us today for free and friendly estimates; professional service; and professional cleaning of sewage pipes. Call (903) 541-2266 for a free quote or schedule an appointment online today.

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