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AC Repair Service For Tyler & Jacksonville, TX

How do you know if you need an AC repair or if it's time to replace the system? What are common air conditioning problems and can you diagnose an air conditioning problem yourself? At Bannister, we believe the more you know about air conditioning and heater repair, the more likely you are to choose us as your air conditioning service company! We are certified by Google for East Texas home services and all of our employees are screened and verified. Our repair technicians have been carefully selected to ensure we have the best in the business. All are very knowledgeable and communicative so they can help you understand the problem and the best solutions to solve it. They respect your home so you can trust their abilities and solve any air conditioning problems quickly. We also offer a lifetime guarantee on our service. So if the problem comes back, you know we'll be there to fix it, no questions asked.

Benefits of AC Repair

Rest assured that when Bannister Plumbing & Air technicians get to you, their truck will be stocked with the parts most likely to fail. We offer replacement parts including fan motors, compressors, wiring, filters, refrigerant tanks and refills, fairing kits, etc. Most common AC repairs can be completed in one trip. Repairing your air conditioner avoids the expense of replacing it. It can also save on energy bills as a faulty air conditioner can waste more energy while trying to maintain the same temperature. In addition to reducing energy consumption, repairs help make your home or office more comfortable. Even a simple adjustment can result in higher efficiency, cleaner air and improved reliability. At Bannister, we offer unbeatable service plans to ensure your air conditioner gets the attention it needs.

Our straightforward pricing guide helps you know the cost of any repair before work begins. No hidden fees or surprise costs with Bannister.

Our experienced team of highly qualified plumbers are reliable, fully-licensed, and background checked. We’re a family-owned company, and no one works for us that we wouldn’t invite home ourselves.

We show up on time and ready to go! Having handled plenty of surprises, we ensure our vehicles are stocked with all of the necessary tools and equipment. Bannister Plumbers get it right the first time because we come prepared.

We wear shoe covers on our boots and leave your home as clean as we found it. We’re working for you, so you shouldn’t be cleaning up after us.

When has a plumbing emergency ever fit into your schedule? If something happens, give a call. No need to wait until business hours; we work our business around you! We are very proud to offer true 24-hour service as it gives us the opportunity to better serve our East Texas neighbors and customers.
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Bannister Plumbing & Air is the BBB A+ rated company to call for all your plumbing & HVAC needs: 903-201-4820

John Mchugh
John Mchugh
Thoroughly inspected the HVAC system , super professional and friendly. Did great work! As always, this is the best plumbing and hvac company that I have ever dealt with. Always a success and great experience
Michael Simon
Michael Simon
Banister Plumbing & Air was very professional from start to finish. From the office admin. who was very detailed in what to expect from their service to the technician who came out to conduct an initial inspection and maintenance on our two residential units. I was also pleased to receive a text that provided a name and photograph of the AC technician. Would highly recommend this company for a professional quality service.
John Christie
John Christie
Michael Tucker is a tremendous asset to your company! Affable, polite and professional. He quickly diagnosed the problem with the garburetor and had it operational again in short order. Michael was a pleasure to deal with. Please give him a big atta boy from Avery satisfied customer. John Christie
Amy Megasona n
Amy Megasona n
Very fast and professional!
Dan the Bass Man
Dan the Bass Man
Will did a great job!!! Very clean and professional work done in a very timely manner.
Malcolm Dixon
Malcolm Dixon
Lee did a great job. Bannister Plumbing and HVAC is the best.
Taylor Garrett
Taylor Garrett
Ruben was thorough, explained the process very well, and left the work area cleaner than he found it. Would recommend Bannister to anyone.

Is Air Conditioning Repair Enough?

Repairing your air conditioner has many benefits, but it also has its limitations. Our service technicians have extensive experience with various air conditioning systems and can advise you if a simple repair is required. Finally, you might want to consider CPUs to replace your traditional system. It all depends on various factors. So what should you consider when deciding if an air conditioning repair is "good enough"? Consider the following factors:

  • The Age of Unity. As your AC unit approaches 20 years, it is likely reaching the end of its lifespan.
  • energetic efficiency. Once units are 15 years old they should be considered replacement candidates solely on the basis of energy savings.
  • frequency of repairs. Frequent repairs can be frustrating and expensive, creating an uncomfortable and warm home.

Why Contact Bannister Plumbing & Air for Your AC Repair

At Bannister, you always have the final say in your air conditioning repair or replacement. Our HVAC contractors provide the best diagnosis of your air conditioner and will take whatever steps are necessary to keep it running as efficiently as possible. They will walk you through your options and likely outcomes. At Bannister, we offer an emergency air conditioning repair service, whether you have a traditional roof system or a ductless system. If a replacement is needed, we have financing plans available to help you provide efficient, top-of-the-line systems. Our guarantee of up to 12 years is the best on the market and offers additional peace of mind. To schedule a free repair estimate, call us at (903) 541-2266. Bannister proudly serves East Texas from our offices in Jacksonville, Bullard, Whitehouse, Tyler, Troup, Frankston and Rusk, TX. For your next air and heater repair, contact Bannister Plumbing & Air today!

Common AC Problems and Causes

There are many things that can go wrong with an air conditioner, and there are many underlying causes. The most common air conditioning problems fall into three broad categories.

  • Doesn't cool properly
  • Normal wear and tear can affect cooling performance, but there are some common issues that prevent an air conditioner from maintaining the desired temperature.
  • Dirty filters. One of the most common problems, a dirty filter can increase energy consumption, cause evaporator coils to freeze and contribute to unhealthy indoor living. Fortunately, these problems can be avoided by cleaning and replacing your AC filter frequently.
  • Refrigerant: Your air conditioner may have old, inefficient refrigerant, or refrigerant may have volatilized or leaked. A normal amount of refrigerant is required for good cooling performance.
  • Sensor problems: Your air conditioner contains many sensors that transmit information. Over time, they can start sending false readings, causing an air conditioner to operate less reliably and less efficiently.
  • Thermostat Issues: Your thermostat may not be measuring the accurate air temperature, causing your system to "think" it's working properly when it isn't.
  • Drainage Issues: An air conditioner creates condensate that needs to be drained to avoid excess moisture, mold, and other problems. AC drains can become clogged with dust, dirt, and rust.
  • Dirty Coils: When the condenser coils are covered with dirt or debris, they don't dissipate heat as efficiently. The air conditioner will also work harder to cool your home; If the resistors are sufficiently dirty, they will never reach the desired temperature.

Not Turning On

If your air conditioner doesn't respond when you turn it on, or if the thermostat is programmed to start it, it could be for one of the following reasons:

  • Electrical Controls Failure: Compressor and fan controls can wear out from overuse or connections can corrode.
  • Thermostat Error: There are various reasons why your thermostat can fail and prevent a successful connection to your air conditioner.
  • Motor defective: If the motor does not work, the AC power does not work either. Most of the time you will hear strange noises before the device stops working. A capacitor test can determine if the motor is the source of the problem.
  • Dirty condensers: A condenser line can become dirty, mold or algae can grow on it, twigs and branches can collect there, or birds can nest there. All of this can result in your air conditioner not working until you've removed all the debris. Make sure the evaporator coils are also clean.
  • Lack of Power: If your air conditioner isn't working, it may not be getting power. It's easy to go unnoticed since HVAC units have their own circuitry. Be sure to check your circuit breaker.
  • Wiring Problem: A problem with your air conditioner or other electrical equipment may lie in your home's wiring. Watch out for flickering lights or listen for buzzing noises as you connect devices.

Airflow Is Limited

Restricted airflow is a common problem that can occur for a variety of reasons, some easier to troubleshoot than others.

  • Duct Issues: Airflow issues can be caused by clogged, disconnected, disconnected, or leaking ducts. Clogged vents and registers can cause problems, while unwieldy furniture can also restrict airflow.
  • Dirty Filters: Although your air conditioner is not designed to clean the air, it does use filters to remove harmful particles that pass through the system. These filters are designed to be changed frequently.
  • Clogged Condenser: Leaves and debris that collect around the unit can restrict airflow and cause the system to overheat. Fortunately, you don't need a professional to make room around the condenser.
  • Defective fans: The fans are controlled by motors. A slow motor can restrict airflow or a dirty fan can prevent normal operation.
  • Oversized A/C: An oversized unit cycles on and off so frequently that it doesn't run long enough to remove moisture. A lack of air circulation can make a room uncomfortable.
  • Thermostat problem: A faulty thermostat can prevent the air conditioner from blowing enough air. An incorrect setting or a weak battery can also limit the airflow.

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